Quiet Trust (Psalm 62:1-12)

David Denninger , November 18, 2018
Part of the series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

1. God is with us to quiet our anxious souls (v.1).
2. We build securely on Christ as His Word guides our thoughts and responses
3. We are safe and secure as we press into Christ (v. 2).
4. As we seek answers to our pain and our confusion we guard our hearts in Jesus’ love for our elders and for each other (v. 3).
5. Our enemy Satan seeks to cripple our church, stirring resentment and division as we react in hurt and anger (v. 4).
6. Repenting of our ways and ruling our thoughts sets us free from the spiritual
strongholds and bondages we have allowed in our lives (v. 4).
7. Quieting our souls leaves no place for the enemy and invests in God’s promise to
make us one in His Son (vv. 5-6).
8. My wholeness comes from God, not from what others think or say about me (v.7).
9. Helpless to silence our own hearts. we present our proud and wounded selves to God for healing (v. 8-9).
10. Pour your tired, hurting, guilty, upset self out on Him, the Eternal God living in you (v.8-9).
11. We look to God in His almighty power and unfailing love to comfort, heal, and save us (v.11-12).


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